December 23, 2008

Another nerd blog, who would've thunk it?

Hello vast internet universe that I know little about.  I'm one of the many people out to make a mark on the world with a blog.  Another opinion's blog.  However, I figured the the opinion of nerdy multiracial women out there is probably somewhat lacking, so this is what this blog is about.

I am d20 Sapphire.  Nice to meet you.  I want to discuss with the world my passion and interests.  It seems these days I find myself most interested in really nerdy things, like RPGs, polyhedral dice, video games and sci-fi.  I want to talk to other nerds out there, or geeks if you would prefer.  

You're probably wondering what the heck qualifies me as someone to write a blog about this stuff?  Well here I hope to give you an answer.  Let's start with the fact that I am third generation trekkie.  That's right, I said trekkie.  I wear that identity with pride.  My grandfather watched the original series with my mother, and then I grew up with Next Generation.  Its a show that's full of great ideas, and there aren't a lot of shows that do that these days.  TV wise I like a lot of other great shows, like Firefly and Heroes, but I'm a college student right now so I don't have a lot of time for TV.

Being a college student has its benefits for being a nerd.  It's been easier to run the campaign I have been for two and a half years.  It's a Dungeon and Dragons 3.5 campaign, with a heavy political bent because that's what my friends are into.  Of course we kill a ton of things as well, but it's half that and half political intrigue.  I'm damn lucky to have my PCs.  Unfortunately when I graduate in May the campaign has to be over.  I'm trying to get the big plot points to a head.  We'll see how it goes.

I'm into other RPGs as well.  Right now I play SLA industries when I can get down to see those friends, and I love Paranoia and Unknown Armies.  I find all of those fun for many different reasons.  I can get into that later.  When I graduate I want to study as many RPG systems and settings as possible.  I figure I can have one expensive hobby, so that will be it.  P.S., Greg Stolze is awesome.  If you don't know about him, google him.  He's great.

 Video games is also a big thing for me.  Well, not as big as it should be.  This is when being in college is a detriment to my hobbies.  Homework and other obligations get in the way of me being able to enjoy a lot of games I'd love to play.  I'm addicted to the Sims 2, which I know is called a girlfriend game and I know why but damn, I love that game.  I've been playing it a lot during this break.  I also have recently enjoyed the very beginning of Fallout 3 even though I have never played a FPS before.  I love watching friends play FPSs, especially games like Bioshock and Mass Effect.  

This is a great transition to talk about my current love, whom I will call the Boyfriend.  The Boyfriend is a great guy who despite his financial troubles is still working on a video game development company.  He's my video game hook-up, and he loves not only playing them but playing D&D and other RPGs.  He's also great for the occasional nerd debate. You will here more about him I'm sure, as well as a ton of other close friends.

There's a lot more about me, but that's all for now.  I think tomorrow, I'm going to talk about a list of gifts I think are great for any nerd.  Now, we all know that this blog won't be popular enough to affect anyone's shopping, but it's fun for me, so I'm doing it anyway.  

If you want to talk to me about stuff I should discuss on the blog, or tell me that I'm wrong (all of us nerds love to prove each other wrong) email me at and say hi.  I would love any ideas that you all would want to give.  Until the next post,

d20 Sapphire

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