March 20, 2009


I used to love the Sci-fi Channel.  It was full of Star Trek, The Twilight Zone and other smart programs that made me consider it as part of my channel surfing routine.  Over the years it started acquiring some low quality shows and movies, with the occasional gems like Battlestar Galactica and Farscape before that.  I stopped checking it out unless I knew another Outer Limits marathon was on.  A couple months ago they were advertising a wrestling fight they were airing on the channel, and I knew that the Sci fi Channel I loved had changed drastically.

Apparently the Sci-fi Channel sees that they need to change something, so they decided to change their name to appeal to a wider audience.  So what did they change their name too?


My first response: ew.  My second response: what was wrong with the original spelling?

I can understand not completely changing the name so people don't become confused, but misspelling branding always bothers me.  Like people don't know what it says if it's spelled different.  It still invokes the idea that there are science-related stories presented on the channel.  As long as that programming is going to be on that channel, you'll get that audience.

Also, the wider audience has more to do with the programming, and if you have crappy programing interspersed with a few golden moments your channel is still going to get sucky ratings.  Quality, not name changes, will change my opinion.

I would speak more on the subject, but looking at the spelling made my brain fry, so I need a break.  Later readers!

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