May 30, 2009

Back Home: The Nerdage Continues

Hello all. I am back in IL, and I finally have time to blog about the things that I care about. April and May were ridiculous months and I'm hoping that things will be less ridiculous now that I am a graduate and looking for a job. Technically I already have one, but I'm considering my options and wondering what I want to do with my life.

So what nerd things have I been up to?

My last Friday on campus I played a one shot of the World of Darkness: Innocents setting. Now I'm usually not a fan of World of Darkness, but not only was a friend of mine running it but I was intrigued by the idea of playing someone between the ages of 7 and 12.  I played a very effeminate third grade boy that had a pet rat named Priscilla.  When I look back now that kind of character would've been better for a campaign than a one shot, but I had a great time.  I still find the World of Darkness system kind of annoying, but that's always been an instinct, nothing ever based on real facts in front of me.  Again, a great time and a fantastic idea that was implemented well.

After graduation I walked around Time Square, and going into the huge Toys R' us reminded me that I STILL need to see the Star Trek movie.  Tell me NOTHING!  I'm seeing it this Thursday and I will cast my judgement then.  But I still want a phaser and a tricorder regardless.

Finally, I am keeping up with some of the stuff going on with E3 and I am most excited for Mass Effect 2.

It looks like the story is still going to be intrguing.  I'm hoping the gameplay is still great.  I'm friggin' excited!  I'm also excited for Prototype, which is so far looking great still.

I'm going to miss my friends from school, but with the Boyfriend and some other great people, the nerdage continues.

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