April 12, 2010

Found my calling at age 23?

Last night the reading I had went really well.  I don't want to bore you all with the details, but the reception was mostly positive, and people were convinced that I was going to get this produced somewhere.

Really?  Little old me?

So I guess I'm good at this writing thing.  But I was thinking about it, and about what's out there and how to make myself different, and then I realized...

There isn't enough sci-fi plays.

I'm serious about this.  I know I posted about the one Capek wrote, the one where the word robot originates, but there aren't a lot that come to my head.  Or any, really.  It's something absent on the stage.  Does it need to be on stage?  Not really, I can understand why film and tv work better for the genre.  Doesn't mean I'm not going to try though.

I think I mentioned to you guys that Lady Gaga's Bad Romance inspired me to write a story (can't really look up links while at work) but now that I think about it, play makes a lot more sense.  I'm partly writing this down here because I don't want to forget this idea, I think it could be rather riveting if I do it right.

I had a hard time sleeping last night, in the same way children can't fall asleep Christmas Eve.  Something exciting is happening and it's hard to rest.  Well I think the exciting thing that happend for me, after all the feedback and the whirlwind of ideas in my head, is that I realized I've been a writer all this time, and I don't have to let that go.  Officially, I'm calling myself a writer now.  And I feel like if I don't continue writing, I'm denying myself and all those people who were touched by my work something that at least some people out there want to connect to.

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