June 24, 2010

I am making some projects!

Who wants to join me on some side projects while I ONCE AGAIN wait for the power at my house to start up.

It's times like these that you're grateful for coffee shops with free wifi... that are across the street from the starbucks that has better seats and never made you sick.  Mmmm, internet theft.  

Sorry, what was I posting about again?  Yes!  Projects.  Well first, if you were a fan the 20 Sided Women Project and you live in the Chicago area, please like my idea on RPGChicago for a 20 Sided Women Group.  If enough people like it and want to come, I'm totally organizing it!

Second, if you are like me and contemplate writing your own game system of some sort, consider taking this course taught by Ian Schreiber over the internet.  It's about game balance concepts, hence the class is called Game Balance Concepts.  I think I may splurge and pay the $55 to get all the extra stuff and make a fantastic RPG experience.  Because I could SOOO get rich in the indie RPG scene... in 50 million years.  Want to take the course with me?

I hope to see you around supporting this stuff on the interwebs!

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