October 30, 2011

Life Bullet Points

And once again I'm thrown through a loop.  Here's a little taste of what I'm doing and dealing with.

-Job is getting really bad.  To the point where I think the EEOC may want to do an investigation.  I don't want to get into details, this is a nerd blog and when I bitch I'll bitch about interesting stuff.  With that being said, I'm working on making my situation better by whatever means logically available.  Unfortunately that can distract me from my writing pursuits.  I'm sorry I've been delaying, but I hope soon my situation will improve, which means your reading material from here will increase.

-Mystic and I are motivating each other through the crazy.  He is still working on his video game, and if you would like to help him go here and donate to an innovative video game project.  Keep up with his blog, he's been working, but having 2 jobs (one you love and one you need), things are just moving slowly.

-Nerd life is excellent!  Mystic and I are trying our best to watch through Deep Space Nine and catch up with Next Generation.  LARP is going great with both characters Ellen (who's survived her first Prince as seneschal and is working with her second) and Rose (my sabbat vampire who now has a pack), and I even brought my nerd mom to a game and she loved the people!  I'm not sure if she'll come again.

-I'm going to wait some time before running another game, but one of my LARP friends is going to run a campaign and I'm excited to try something new.  It's not D&D, it's something ridiculously different and indie and no longer published.  Yes, I shall keep you posted.

-I know I'm late in the game, but I'll soon be getting into The Witcher, which I heard was based on a pretty good book and had some interesting story choices.  I hope to then start The Witcher 2 soon after that.

-The podcast will happen again soon, but I'm also hoping in the summer my brother and I can work on some nerd raps... what?  Why are you looking at me like that?  Not like it hasn't been done before.  I know I have a problem of starting projects and not finishing them, but this is something I want to finish, I think it would be good for me and my brother.

-And speaking of finishing projects, I will be continuing the Titania Chronicle, I'm not sure when I'll have time, or make time to write, but I'm not quitting the story.

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