January 25, 2012

Character Week: Ellen Peters

I rarely do post about the characters I play at larp, but it seemed fitting that this week, I do pay attention to my vampire

Ellen Peters

She is a character near and dear to my heart.  You know you've done a larp character right when there are several different opinions on the character.  Half of everyone loves her astuteness and the way she politely handles situations.  The other half believe she has the hugest stick up her ass.  Some consider her a valuable asset.  Some just see her as pretty girl taking notes.  All are somewhat true.  But I think the greatest thing about Ellen is that only a small few know her true ambition, and that is something that she has chosen to reveal to very little, including her mortal retainer Darren.


Ellen was not one to slouch, so when Darren saw he up in the attic on the purple and gold upholstered couch slouching and looking to the ground,  he was actually quite frightened.  

"Yo, Ellen, how are you?"

She looked up to see him and straightened her back.  She held her chin up.  "It's early to see you around."

"You mean late, man, it's 3 in the morning.  I ain't one to wake up this early if I don't have to, but I'll stay late to party."

Ellen rolled her eyes.  "You've said that before.  Do you require something?"

Darren took a few steps into the room.  He wanted to sit down, but he never trusted Ellen to not get the jump on him one day, so he stayed only a couple feet away from the door.  "Nah, actually.  I was gonna tell you whoever got rid of that krok nearby should get a pat on the back or somethin'.  Business is startin' to bounce back."

"We'll see how long that deal can last."  She scooted softly to one side.  "Do sit down, Darren, we should have a serious talk."

"Uh, nah I'm fine.  It's good."

"Not to worry, I won't bite."  She smirked.

Darren had only seen her fangs a couple of times, but when he did it scared the shit out of him.  He knew she could get rid of him in a second.  He didn't want it to be tonight.  Then again, if she really wanted to kill him, there was no reason to lure him over with a joke, was there?

He cautiously sat down.  "Alright, what's up?"

"You were on your way to the top before I took it, right?  In the business?"

She really meant gang, but Darren let her be polite.  "Yeah, I guess."

"How about you call the shots for a while."

He gave a suspicious look.  "Yo, you for real?"

"There are certain matters I need to attend to that if I were to stay here, could cause needless harm to you."

"I got a glock for that shit."

"That's not what I'm talking about."

Darren knew she was talking about her people's business.  Business that had been going on for eons before he was born.  Ellen was a newbie to it too, but the difference was Ellen could have a chance to deal with them before becoming someones dinner.  He shivered.  He hoped that vampires didn't eat other vampires.  That wouldn't make sense, would it?  

He knew Ellen wasn't going to tell him, for his own benefit she claimed.  He wasn't sure.

"Let me guess, you ain't sharin' shit about what you're in, and I just gotta roll with it.  Dammit, you know the last time that happened you were across a dude that was three times our ages combined--"


"See what I'm sayin'?  I don't need surprises like that, no matter how smart you are with pushin' this product."

"Believe me, people who know about this world don't live long.  We have a rule about not letting humans in on this whole facade.  The only reason you know is because you were smart enough to figure it out on your own.  I never told you a thing, and no one else in the business needs to know."

"Except your business partners."

"Even they don't know everything I have planned.  And believe me, you knowing less is the reason why I can keep you around running everything."  She put a reassuring hand on his shoulder, but her touch was so cold that Darren flinched.

He still didn't trust her, but he was able to pay off his grandmother's second mortgage with the money she helped bring in.  She wasn't going to fuck him over just for the hell of it, and if she wanted him to know nothing, it was less about her and more about her people.

"Darren, I'm not going to be staying here for a while.  At least not consistently."  She removed her hand and stood up.  "In fact, I should leave tonight.  It's a while before I should be in bed but I should get a head start.  Tomorrow I'll get more of my things and I'll be staying somewhere else.  But you'll always know how to contact me. "

Darren shook his head.  "And now you not stayin' here?  I don't believe this shit.  People take me seriously when you're around."

"No, people take me seriously when you are around.  Let's be honest, in this business I am culturally disadvantaged.  Use my ideas, but you've always been the face of the leadership.  Now it merely means more."

Darren's frustration got him up from the couch and started for the door.  "Whatever.  You gonna abandon us like all the other people who pretend to give a shit around here."

"With any luck, I will still be alive to help you after a change in the season or two."

He stopped.  "Wait, you'll be alive with luck?"

"Everything has an end, just some of us can postpone it longer."

Darren must have imagined her take a deep breath in.  She didn't need to, but that was a statement you took a big breath after.  "You plannin' on getting killed?"

"Darren, that's enough.  I am not planning a thing that far out.  Now let me leave tonight.  Tomorrow, I'll give you further instruction, I just have to think it over."

"Promise you're comin' back here."  He rubbed his lips together in anxiety.  She may be right about not looking the part, but she was the best thing to happen to his little gang in years.  This was a business partner not worth losing.  Not like the rest.

"Whenever I can, I will.  Besides, I never said I was going to stop receiving my cut."

Darren was relieved.  If she was still expecting a cut, she would definitely be back to help the guys.

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