February 23, 2012

Mass Effect 3 Demo: Multiplayer

A lot of us fans were very worried about the idea of a multiplayer.  We didn't want it to affect the universe.  We didn't want it to affect the story.  This is Shepard's story.

And it still is, but it doesn't mean there are no other people kicking serious ass.

I like the multiplayer.  It keeps a lot of the stuff you like about the game, including the powers and the weapons, and is well designed.  The maps are easy to memorize but hard to master, and making sure you have a varied team is great.  And if you're in the middle of your Vanguard playthrough but you miss using  Engineer's powers, it's a great way to feed that need.

Also, lack of glitches when I played, so win!

Mystic was nice enough to record our session, where the two of us and couple friends had a great time and then heroically all died in front of a turret we forgot existed.  Enjoy!


  1. I like multiplayer a lot, but on PS3 the 'sign up' screens (uh, I believe it's 'quick match' and 'start a game') have really long delays. Do you have those?
    I enjoyed Mass Effect 2, and I think Multiplayer Mass Effect 3 is awesome.
    Last point -- I'd like to see Mass Effect 3 (or go backwards to other M.E. versions) all have multiplayer options.
    I wondered while playing the other games -- why do I need to play Shephard? Does it 'add' to the game for me to make the judgement calls of picking options which are canned?
    Anyway, I'm a big fan of Mass Effect 2 and imagine this game will be just as good if not better -- which is saying quite a lot.


  2. I've only played with friends in games so I haven't had any random matches yet. I'll try that and try to get back to you.
    The judgement calls do "add" to the game and the experience, in ME2 it was hard to play out because it's the middle story, which almost always tends to be drawn out to set up the huge conflict in any trilogy. But there were nods to it and in ME3 they'll have to play out. At least, they have to if Bioware plans on delivering what it promised from day one.