November 30, 2009

WolfCon Report!

What an awesome weekend! I am so glad I went to WolfCon, and I definitely told people that I am planning to go next year.

To be honest, the idea of having a Con after Thanksgiving, when most people will have friday off work, is a fantastic idea.  You start the day early with a board game, card game, or RPG and you don't start there.

It's a small, local con but it's a good one.  First of all, it's run with a ton of enthusiasm.  Everyone wants to have a good time and wants to make sure everyone else has a good time.  Second of all there are a lot of good teachers when it comes to board games.  For example, the Battlestar Galactica board game could easily get confusing and unenjoyable fast considering how complicated the rules could be.  However, it was actually really fun and easy to pick up because I was playing with someone who knew exactly how to explain the rules, and when not to explain too much.  Third, the people who attended were all extremely friendly.

I played a couple of RPGs, a few board games, and even some soccer on Saturday!  Dull moments did not last for long periods of time.  I would suggest coming with a couple of friends so you know you can find a game to try out and play pretty quickly.  It was nice, since the Con was small, to have a mike available to announce events and pick up games.  I got a couple of people to play Settlers of Catan that way, and I found out about a CyberPunk game that way.

I am hoping to help in some way with WolfCon next year, so if you see me post about it a lot in the next year, don't think they're paying me to post.  I'm just helping out people promote an awesome con.

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