December 4, 2009

Christmas Gift: Stories!

So I figured out the best christmas gift to give to my friends while I am financially... unable to purchase things for everyone I love: a story about them.

I'm not saying my stories are the best, but I do consider myself a good writer.  I can write something interesting and readable (if you discount my first drafts with grammar problems up the wazoo) and people tend to geniunely enjoy what I write.  I'm thinking that's the way to go.

Usually when somebody does a gift that is hand made, it's a bit more useful than a story.  Like a knit sweater or a built spice rack.  I just hope the friends I give these stories to appreciate them.  I'm going to try and cater to their personalities too.

Oh, and if you're a friend of mine reading this, pretend you didn't.


  1. gotcha, I didn't see anything :P

  2. Whoopsie! Maybe it wasn't very well considered to post your gift ideas on the public forum where the recipients often go to read, lol! Fortunately I can't remember what I had for breakfast most days, so you should be fine.