December 13, 2009

Real Life is the Enemy!

So it's been almost a year a blog, if not an actual year, and I find that my work schedule the past week or so prevented me from doing things I enjoy, including this awesome blog.  Other things being kept from me while I'm being an adult:

-Starting that UA game
-Writing for the comic
-Not falling asleep when my boyfriend visits me.
-My LARP and all the cool friends I've made there
-The Paranoia Game I'm playing on Wave
-Seeing my family when I'm not tired and irritated

So it's not just you guys, it's everything.  The only joy I've consistently gotten the last couple of days is about an hour of Dragon Age each night before going to sleep and dreaming of either the Boyfriend or Alistar from the game.  Don't worry, the Boyfriend automatically wins because he actually exists.  And he built me a computer.  :D

I am trying to aim for posting in this every day with something awesome from now on.  I love writing and I haven't been doing enough of it recently.  That's part of the reason this blog exists.  I'm not going to abandon it merely because my job is giving me double the hours this weekend and next.  I will prevail!

Expect some more awesome soon.


  1. If you haven't bought the pen and paper version of Dragon Age yet, i highly recommend you save your money. Just saying.

  2. so like, i'm buying Dragon Age for my brother or Christmukkah you know.
    and it has nothing at all to do with the fact that i've checked out stuff about Alistair and have a desire to romance him. not at all.