March 4, 2010

GAH! Computers are on the rise!

My old laptop had finally gotten to difficult to keep around, so with the help of the Boyfriend and my mother convincing me I wasn't wasting money, I have a new laptop.

I feel kind of stupid doing it, because I was hoping to wait until spring.  I did buy another mac, and I wanted to wait so I could pay it off faster.  But alas, when the period key on your laptop stops working and you're a writer, you can't just continue on.  And now I am transferring data between the two as I speak.  8 hours to go!  WOOT!

I am hoping this means that I can use my new computer to post more on this blog.  At this point I am waiting for the 5 jobs that I have to be condensed down to 1, or possibly even two.  I don't think that will happen over night, but sooner rather than later.

In other nerd news, I am going down to visit friends in Central IL again, and I am super excited to be nerding out two weekends in a row.  I've recently been able to make time to go back to my larp where my body didn't suddenly decide to get all sick or my schedule all crazy.  It's good to be back.  I missed those friends and I missed the characters.  As time goes on I expect to have more of my saturdays back, so I hope I can do more gaming in person rather than just over my super awesome gaming computer Adonis. 

That's right, I named my computer Adonis.  And?

These are the steps toward finally getting back to blogging regularly.  I miss the small community of readers I had here, and I hope to gain it back.  I also miss the 20 sided women project.  There is so much more I need to do.

But now I just got all serious on you guys!  There's no need for that.  Uh...

There we go, not serious at all.

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