November 25, 2010

Nerdify Your Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

This is the one holiday that is probably the hardest to make nerdy.  As much as I know who my ideal Thanksgiving would be with when it comes to nerd idols, I was thinking if there was any realistic way to have a Turkey day super nerdy.  Well, I thought up some ideas, other than LARPing through your meal.  Because that idea is creepy.


This is a lot easier if you are friends with an engineer.  Use lasers to cut the turkey and portion out the food.    Sure, lasers are in short supply, but if you can get on you can definitely impress your family members with the precision you carve the bird.


We all know the story of the first Thanksgiving, and how the Native Americans basically saved the Pilgrams from extinction and they celebrated with food.  But who says that's the only broken culture barrier we should celebrate?  And not only ones from the real world (of which there is a long list) but ones from fictional universes!  The Fellowship of the Ring, half the episodes of Star Trek, covenants of Requiem coming together (if that ever happens in your Vampire games)... You can find one that can be worth celebrating.  Take the good from the fiction you love, and apply it to the world.  How could it hurt?


I'm not talking about the teams you make up online with your favorite players.   I'm talking about making up your own league of fantasy teams comprised of elves, gnomes, orcs, or whatever crazy creatures.  You could use RPGs to set up your own football game that is sure to last hours, or use an RTS to do something weird like that.  The easiest thing is to play the bomb passing game on Unreal Tournament.

Do you guys have any ideas?  Think it over the table today.

And a quick shout-out to all the new followers!  I'm now at 70 and that just make me more motivated to keep you all entertained!  We'll have to officially celebrate after the holidays.


  1. If it's "Fantasy" football you're after, you could always break out an old copy of Blood Bowl!

  2. I have heard it mentioned and I totally forgot the name! I was going to link to it but I couldn't find it.

  3. I also was going to recommend Blood would have been nice to run a few games this holiday but the friends and family at the holiday feast this year weren't quite THAT nerdy (just nerdy enough to play charades...go figure). Too bad, 'cause I've got more than a few teams painted!

  4. I'm going to post my past two years' celebration: Jama-Star-Wars-Giving, in which one is required to wear pajamas ALL day, watch all three original Star Wars movies (eps IV-VI) and make whatever Thanksgiving meal you eat.

    I'm thinking of spreading it to other holidays as well, like "Jama-Star-Wars-Mas" and "Jama-Star-Wars-Ster", not to mention national holidays like "Jama-Star-Wars-Pendence." I've also done Jama-Star-Wars-Years, where I timed the final Death Star explosion to the ball dropping. I'm THAT good.