November 29, 2010

Learning from NaNoWriMo

I'm really sad that I wasn't able to produce anything for NaNoWriMo this year.  The new job at the beginning of the month definitely threw me through a loop where I couldn't really focus on my writing pursuits.  But it did teach me one thing I absolutely have to do if I want to be a consistent writer.


Making time for writing was not something I was worried about before because I worked a job where I didn't have a lot of hours.  I could just write whenever I felt like and still get a considerable amount of it done.  Now that the opposite is true, I just have to work a little harder to get my writing done, especially considering the plethora of ideas that flood my head.

What's going to surprisingly help is having a job that involves prioritizing and some organizational skills.  Practicing those skills on a daily basis are only going to help me organize my nerdy pursuits, which many of them involve writing.  Especially this job.

I hope some of your readers were much more successful in your writing pursuits in the month of November than I was.  I do know next November I will be participating in NaNoWriMo and will friggin' succeed!


  1. sounds like a very cool project indeed. hope you can get in one day

  2. Hey, it takes time to adjust to a new job and new hours. The writing will return.

  3. There's nothing to say you can't "prorate" your leftover work and get it done on a schedule. I always saw the point of NaNoWriMo as motivation to actually write- the end result was cool, but the actual DOING was the point.

  4. Even without a new job, finding the time to write can be tough with real life worries and holidays...don't be too sad! Writers write because they're writers; just keep plugging away and you'll have something done for next year!
    : )