December 2, 2010

Hooray for RPGs in Chicago!

Great news!  I am now the coordinator for RPG Chicago.  If you're in the area, please check it out!

In general, I suggest you RPG lovers see if there's a similar group in your area.  If not, see if you can start one.  It's totally worth it to bring gamers together.  Good friends to run a one-shot or a campaign with are hard to find, and I'm all for making it easier. helps make it easier.


  1. One thing you might want to look into is hosting something at C2E2.

    When my friend, my wife and I (from the Wittenberg Role-Playing Guild) went last year, the gaming scene there was really lackluster. Wizards of the Coast had a pretty sizable set up, but that was about it.

    It's a niche that needs filling, if you can swing it!

  2. Congrats to you! I hope you enjoy your adventures and meet lots of great people.

  3. I'm lucky to have my own private group (my preference to con and game day), but I did have some fun outside that comfort zone a couple times this year.

    I actually got a couple of my best regular players from Meetup two years ago.