December 24, 2010

Christmas in Solaria

Santa was still getting used to Christmas in space
Traveling with spacesuits and rockets in place
Reindeer and elves back on earth with Ms. Claus
He thought of them fondly during a brief pause

He had finished with Earth, the Moon and Mars
Halfway through his journey through the stars
Solaria was next on the delivery list
He set the coordinances with a flick of his wrist
He saw only one place with children that play
Who would love presents on Christmas day
He set off with his usual joy and cheer 
With hopes of a great Space Christmas this year

When Santa landed, vast lands around
Not a creature was stirring, not a single sound
Except one lone woman, standing outside
Oblivious to Santa, carrying pride
Santa checked the list, Klorissa her name, 
Good this year, good genes her fame
Or so she thought, but Santa knew
He job was thankless, through and through
She toiled hard all year around
Rarely making a complaining sound
To anyone, but now one could see,
Only view the stress done to she

Solaria was not a place of a mom and a dad
But robots to watch children be good and bad
No families, just structure, Klorissa the only one
To watch every daughter and every son
Each child had every toy ever made
But human affection would soon fade
No mother's hugs, no father's games
And soon playing with children would not be the same
By a certain age they would view
Every single person they ever knew
Klorissa the only person who could even touch
Even then she didn't give much
Just discipline to all the boys and girls
The only real parent on this world
How could she know to give them more?
She didn't know what a mom and dad were for
She never had one, never saw the need 
Just thought children were to protect and feed
Robots could do both within the three laws 
Keep children safe, feed eager maws
Put them to sleep when the time was right
Watch ever step, stop every fight
Klorissa was there when robots wouldn't do
And she didn't do much, that Santa knew

There was no one gift for each, Santa did fear
That wasn't already in front of them here
He snuck past Klorissa when he could 
And found out where all kids, bad and good
Were staying, and the control for their rooms
He'd have to open all of them, and soon
He snuck past robots standing duty
He hid in the shadows, his suit still sooty
From houses before, where families had love
Not where the only man who cared was from above 
Who would come and give presents once a year
Santa knew what Solaria children wanted this year

Klorissa went to bed, robots on standby
He went to the controls, easy as pie,
Opened every room and went to the halls
That were miles away in the complex mall
Where all the children were bred and raised
Where only genetics were worshiped and praised
Not love, and affection, and family where one
Could teach and hold each daughter and son

The children, surprised, went along with the happenings, 
Knew to expect presents in wrappings,
Instead they found Santa, in his classic suit
Red with white trim, and shiny black boot
They ran to him, the younger ones first
Screaming out in one jovial burst
The older ones were taught of the fear of germs 
The idea crawled under their skin like worms
But they were intrigued, an adult that smiled
At the eyes of every single child
Santa urged them over, and began to say
"I simply came over to see you and play
And teach you how to be good boys and girls
Like parents do on other spacer worlds
We can do it again next year if you like
I won't get you sick, which is in spite
of what you were taught, I made myself clean
There will not be a hurting stomach or spleen."

He gave a big grin, which every child returned
The only adult that showed them concern
And from there the games began
They clapped and sang and laughed and ran
And Santa taught lessons to each child
How to be nice and not too wild
They played for hours, until everyone was tired
The sun was close, night had expired
Santa wished them "Merry Christmas, see you next year!
And to all on Solaria, good cheer!"
The children waved by as he went to his sleigh, 
Some started to cry, knowing today
They would go back to no contact, no family
Klorissa and the robots were all they could be
But not enough to fill their hearts
With gloved hands and metallic parts
They knew that next year, Santa would come
And play again all the fun games they had done

Santa packed up the sleigh, went up to the sky
Seeing some little ones still waving bye
He looked to a letter and gave a smile,
One from a good boy who had been a man for a while
Plainsclothesman Elijah gave the heads up
About the children who had no ma or pop
And suggest a parent on Christmas Eve
And tonight, that's what Santa came to be
He'd left good gifts for Elijah on Earth,
Knowing what a thoughtful idea was worth
But he still had to take care of children near and far,
So Santa started the sleigh, and headed for the stars

For those of you who have read Asimov's The Naked Sun, I hope you appreciate my spontaneous poem for the season.  Recovering from the busy week at work has my creative juices flowing again.

MERRY CHRISTMAS!  And once again, avoid the Krampus!

-d20 Sapphire

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  1. I've not read it, but I appreciate the poem. More than a little to reflect on and very enjoyable. Merry Christmas!