December 31, 2010

The end of 2010.

Someone let me know who to credit for this awesome!

It's time to party!  2010 is over, and 2011 is ready to take it's place.  But before that happens, I would like to commemorate some of the awesomeness that happened this year on the blog.  Sure, my personal life is pretty awesome with a new job and a new car and great friends, and don't forget the awesome Boyfriend and I go 2 and a half years strong.  But the blog is not here for me to think about that stuff, memoir blogs are everywhere.  This is to remember the nerd awesome of the year, specifically talked about on this blog.  So here's a list of that:

Mass Effect 2
Great game, great story, one of my favorite things to play all year, and I'm just getting back to it with a new concept for a character.  Hooray Renegade Adept!

Restarting my old campaign
Getting back to my old DMing was actually great.  I love being able to tell stories, especially directly to other people.  And when you have the right players, it makes the experience more interesting to see how creatively they react to what you give them.

Writing a lot more
I not only was able to post more in this blog after a while, but I was also able to finish a play, get more of my trilogy done and at least realize what writing habits work for me.

Reading a lot more
I know reading a couple more books here and there is nothing for most people, but making an effort to read the plethora of books my mother has here.  Discovering LeGuin and rediscovering Asimov were helpful to my writing.

Indie Games
The Boyfriend continues to introduce great things to me, including indie games.  Audiosurf, Chime, The Path... games I wish I had more time to write about, but are definitely fun playing.

Here's to continuing to have fun times in 2011, and more of these great things.  Well, maybe not too much Mass Effect 2, because the sequel is coming soon!


  1. God I can't wait till mass effect 3. Here's to the new year.

  2. Good to hear the happy bits from last year - all the best for the next!