December 17, 2010


Tomorrow I shall be starting again a tradition that I had since high school: DnDnD.  Dungeons and Dragons and Dinner.

You would think that the combination would not work, but believe me, it does.  In high school, when I could get a few of my friends over for DnD (conflicting schedules prevented consistent games) we would have Chinese food.  A feast even. We would eat and then I would run my game.

In college the chinese food tradition continued.  We would play friday evenings around dinnertime (around 7 to 11 most nights) and people would get hungry because they hadn't had dinner yet.  Chinese food was ordered a lot of those times.  We were in a college parlor where there was space to spread out and eat while rolling dice.  It was conducive to the RP parts of the story more than the battle parts.  For some reason, some people are a lot more comfortable in a communal story while munching on delicious.  One of my players called it DnDnD, and it stuck in my head.

Tomorrow, I think my players will get accustomed to NPCs and Pizza.  There's a place near my house that will be open late and a player of mine was nice enough to call and see that the place would be accommodating.  Hooray!

Food and gaming go hand in hand, surprisingly.


  1. A feast of more than one kind - sounds good to me!

    You might like Christian's gaming food blog:

  2. Happy DnDnD,

    ...and remember to have plenty of napkins nearby!

  3. D&D&D, sounds very good. We usually just get pizza when we get together. I know Christian does a whole dinner. Enjoy the meal and killing the critters.

  4. That's a great tradition. In high school, my group went through a phase where we'd order a "Dominator" pizza from Domino's every game day. It was like sharks at a feeding frenzy when that thing arrived...

  5. congrats on getting your gaming group together

    having a meal increases fellowship

    and encourages attendance