January 6, 2011

What I Try Never To Be

Sometimes, in any hobby but prominently in RPG games, you find someone who takes the hobby a tad too seriously.

A LARP friend of mine found this atrocious example of one such individual.

Part of me hopes this is a joke, but part of me knows this could be all too real.  A note to all readers: people play RPGs for fun.  When it stops being fun anymore and it becomes a lifetime investment of doom, just stop.  You'll be doing everyone a favor.


  1. Yeah, this guy is an actor. It's all a joke don't worry lol. His most famous video was when he was "flipping out" over how his wow account got hacked and started hitting himself with a keyboard. Quite a site.

  2. Love the cheesecake poster on his wall behind him! Classic.

  3. I'm glad this is a parody, but there is all too much sad truth behind it.
    I think most gamers have encountered that sort of dysfunctional person. I've been tempted to write a post about it, but I'm afraid it would come off as a rant against "fat-guys", which isn't it at all. Some people are unhappy with themselves and gaming is their only escape, which is sad.

  4. Oh my God that was so funny!

    "You can't screw around because these things effect your life."

    He's a great actor!