February 15, 2011

Breakfast of Awesome... Or is it?

The Boyfriend disagrees, but this weekend I think I had the best breakfast ever concocted: The Chocolate Bacon Waffle Sundae:

Look at the glory!
The waffle is actually chocolate with bacon IN it.  That's delicious enough on it's own, but then I decided to top it with chocolate ice cream, homemade chocolate sauce and pieces of bacon.  Let me tell you, it is one of the better breakfast ideas I've ever had, along the same line of having breakfast late at night and having a breakfast milkshake.

But I want your opinions, reader.  Do you agree with me, that this is a breakfast for deities?  Or do you agree with The Boyfriend, who thinks that the flavor combination makes no sense?

I want your opinion!  Please respond, I am curious.


  1. I don't think that flavor combos have to 'make sense,' whatever that means. I eat a few weird things, and I've heard comments like that before from friends and family. I think when people say that, what they really mean is 'I didn't grow up eating that, and it wasn't written in a magazine or featured on the Food Network. So it's gross.' That said, I'm not into chocolate so I'd rather just have the bacon and waffle.

    I've heard that chocolate triggers, in women, some of the same chemicals that sex does. Which explains why women seem to be much more chocoholic than us guys, if it's true. The same source said that cinnamon is to guys as chocolate is for girls. I don't know if the chemical thing is true, but I do love me some cinnamon flavor!

  2. Three layers n 4 shades of AWESum!


  3. I love bacon, and I love chocolate, but they do not go together on my tongue.

  4. Bacon makes everything better! ;-)

  5. It looks like half and half so far, so I guess I'm half crazy but I have company. :D

  6. salt + sweet = good. Like dipping french fries in a chocolate shake.