February 25, 2011

Recap Session 7 though...???: A clear enemy emerges

So It's been forever since I posted about my D&D campaign, but it has not died off! We had a couple of unfortunate long breaks and lost one player, but the story still forges on with some interesting developments.

Again, legal jargon for all characters and setting that I, d20sapphire, have created.

Last time, it was quite apparent that Ingard, the head of the city guard, had Prince Aeriche in his custody.  The next session Atreyu finally confronted him, when Ingard said the man was found drunk in the woods, recovering from a stupor.  Atreyu called him out for his treachery and sent him along to the capital, where he privately talked to the King Aust.  Ingard was executed, with his wife and child sent to opposite ends of the country, and the party was handsomely rewarded before heading back to the Cornwellian Kingdom, where Queen Elish asked some questions about the state of the Vidrigez kingdom.

After a couple days of rest, Samsana, the holy fighter blessed from a relatively unknown goddess, wanted help from the party to investigate the organization of the Yuan-ti armies.  The party was willing to investigate for the good of the crown, even without the promise of pay.  Samsana navigated the jungle with them, bumping into a couple of monsters and taking a rest at a tribe before they found themselves at half power after a tussle with some Yuan-ti.  Dreamatar and Roto had to head back early due to complications, and the rest of the team realized they weren't strong enough to do it on their own.  They headed back to see the tribe they had stayed with had been attacked, and Samsana found one lone scared child to save.  Another Yuan-ti scuffle on the way before they could go back to the capital and report their findings.

Continuing with their investigation when the first king of Cornwell's body had been stolen, the party made way to the Xephs lands, which border the Monster's Forest.  With the help of one of Bram's old adventuring friends, the adventurers traveled deep into the forest and fought some monsters.  They talked to some minotaurs about people in black robes, and were pointed in the direction of the dangerous range, the thick jungle that no empire or kingdom has ever been able to conquer due to dangerous flora and fauna as well as disease.  A couple days more journeying and they were in the jungle, one that is thicker and more dangerous than the Amazon.  A perfect hiding place.

There they found individuals, later proven to be connected to the Yuan-ti and the Vidrigez Kingdom, training tweens and teenagers of previously unknown origins to be spies.  In fact, these young people could easily change their appearance, and the training improved their metamorphoses as well as their strength.  They killed most of the trainers, sparing one to take back for questioning.  The children went off on their own, except for one who is almost a young man, and decided to follow Escrow back to the Cornwellian Kingdom.  The party went back to Queen Elish to report what they found, only to find Queen Elish would only greet them veiled, gloved and completely covered.  She didn't reveal what ailed her but was very appreciative of the information.

In the meantime, Escrow gave the changeling child a new family,  Roto started a temple for his rare dragon god, Atreyu began to court Swan Hughes with Councilman Fox's close eye, and Bram began to miss the taste of seafood while inland.

Councilman Fox Hughes asked the party to investigate shipments that had been coming in around the South-Eastern ports, in ships seemingly small with cargos reported from all over the place.  The PCs travelled to what was called the "beard" of the continent.  They set up shop very close to the coast and kept watch.  In the wee hours of the morning they noticed a strange shipment come in.  Following it, they lead to an empty building that should've been stacked with 20ft cube boxes.  Finding ribbon  to scry made locating the foreign Teleport Mavericks in the Cornwellian Kingdom easy, and the surprise attack on them in the slums of the capital even easier.  And the Warforged Chargers bursting out a floor below to attack our heros, proving to be the cargo in the crates, only was a minor setback.


Oh man, that was a lot of typing.  Luckily next session will be less catch up and more "Oh, so about Vidrigez... what are we going to do about it?"

Yeah, I love being a DM.

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