March 10, 2011

DnD Recap: The Saboteur Confesses

My campaign last Saturday had a couple of good twists, and now I finally have time to write about it!  (Don't ask, work this week is friggin' bizarre).

Legal Jargon!

The PCs had just recovered from a random attack of what seemed to be large metal ramming beasts, unlike anything they had seen before, all while capturing Teleport Mavericks who had been transporting boxes from the port they had just visited.  They secured the TMs in cells that would be protected from magic.  Bram and Atreyu decided to retire early while Escrow and Roto did a little more investigating by questioning the TM in her cell.  Both were interrupted by a huge attack within the capital with a dozen of those metal chargers.  The party woke up and took half of them out of the capital, the town guard able to take the other half out.  Some were captured and taken back to be questioned and studied.  Finally, the party had some time to rest.

The next day the party spoke to Councilman Hughes to report their findings and how next to proceed.  And then Atreyu confessed that he was acting as a double agent for Vidrigez.  He stated that these acts of war are not going to help Vidrigez or the Cornwellian Kingdom, so he wanted to stop a war before it was started.  Atreyu was immediately escorted to the Queen to report his confession, and the rest of the party spoke about what value he has.  Queen Elish was willing to give Atreyu a second chance, where Councilman Hughes would keep close watch on him through his agents in the city.  Atreyu did meet with one of his contacts and is now keeping an eye out on Councilman Pullman, seeing if he can be bribed.

Meanwhile, the questioning of the Teleport Maverick revealed that a man named Jareth was recruiting Teleport Mavericks straight from the university and giving them reasonable amounts of money for transporting things that they had no knowledge about.  The party is thinking of going undercover to discover Jareth and his connections, but they're still figuring out exactly how....


This may seem a little short but battle and deliberation can take up a lot of time in a game session.  Also, we lost the person who plays Roto this week, so we're on the lookout for another player.  We'll see who joins, and how it may change the dynamic of the game.


  1. The Teleport Mavericks is the name of my new jazz fusion band.

    Also, I am amused by Bram (the name of one of my longest running characters) and by both Atreyu AND Jareth... shameless, really =P

  2. Jareth was a name I made up on the spot, so yes shameless. Atreyu's player is very aware of the name, and has used it once before, hence why his full name is Atreyu Tupointo.