March 13, 2011

Dragon Age II: New Crush (and short review)

In the first game I was totally falling for Alistar, the awkward templar who had a good heart and was the only other Grey Warden in all of Ferelden with you.  You bonded over loneliness and using flowers as weapons.

I'm now playing Dragon Age II, and who do I find myself enamored with?  The exact opposite of Alistar.

This Adrien Brody look-alike elf is super hot.  Do not deny that.
Crazy, right?  I go from a dorky sincere knight to a dark and brooding escape slave.  Why can't I be consistent?

Oh yeah, it's fiction, why should I care?

Review so far:  I like the story and I want to get more of it, and I like how it's a bunch of little pieces that will eventually come together, but... the fighting is getting in the way.  As in the cooldown times are way too long for such quick battle actions and wave upon wave of baddies.  The story is good enough that I'm still going through it.  Hooray for playing a snarky apostate!  I'll keep you all updated, I'm only in Act I and almost ready for the deep roads.


  1. The demo did not impress me. I don't care for all the newfangled not-quite-turn-based games. Either make it real time or make it turn based, don't halfass both of them trying to split the difference.

  2. The demo does not help the game at all, it is the least interesting part of the thole game by a long shot. However, if the conpromise between turn based and real time is your issue this game isn't for you. Perhaps Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim when it comes out in November is more to your liking (and that looks awesome)

  3. I just started my romance with Merrill. I love what they've done with the elves in this one. Her conversations with Fenris are fairly amusing/ cringe-worthy.