June 7, 2011

Comments on Nintendo's E3 Conference

Check out the podcast later for more thoughts.

-I love Zelda, but this is taking a while.... eh I'll shut up.

-Miyamoto!  I'll wash your feet with my hair!

-Already more entertaining than the other one. Not a lot of info though.

-I guess they know Skyward Sword wouldn't work for the presentation.  They learned from last year.

-Iwata needs to grow his hair out, he looked better last year.

-Deeper and wider: LIKE YOUR MOM.  *ahem*


-First word stumble, better than Sony.

-Alright, Mariokart is just different enough.

-Yay! Something substantial on the 3DS.

-Tanooki suit forever!

-Multiplayer?  In my Icarus?!?!

-Luigi's Mansion 2 should be renamed Underwhelmington.

-The pokemon concept is pretty cool

-WEEEEEEEYUUUUUUUU!  It's fun to say!

-It's a console! *smack* It's a handheld! *smack* Console! *smack* Handheld! *smack*

-You said Super Smash Bros.  I've instantly cum in my pants.

-Delicious graphics, you haters stop hatin' now.

-Can you only use one WiiU controller at a time?

-ARKAHM CITY YEAH!  I came in my pants again.  I need new pants.

-NINJA GAIDEN!  I need a shower.

-Sad thing is I won't play half of these, they're just simply awesome.


  1. ajajajaj i agree man, Arkaham and Ninja Gaiden FTW

  2. sadly I havent been watching E3...

  3. All the stuff is available online for you to view after it's aired. Get crackin' if you're interested!