June 6, 2011

Comments on Sony's E3 Conference

Joined near the end of the presentation, but I will go back later to watch the rest and edit this post.

UPDATE:  Thanks internet for posting that fast!  Now with the whole conference being commented on.  Again for full commentary, The Nerd Couple Podcast is where it will live later this week.

-Thank you for addressing the obvious issue instead of ignoring it.  We thank you for it Sony.

-Though, we prefer to be called fans and loyals than just "consumers".

-Yeah, getting hulu and netflix was a super smart move.

-I love how Uncharted is never looking the same as the last one.  Good job Naughty Dog.

-Outrun that water!

-Still using the glasses for 3D?  Lame!

-Resistance 3 dude needs to stop sucking at presenting

-PlayStation's presentation is just as boring as last year... yuck.

-3D in college is just going to increase ingestion of illicit drugs.

-DELICIOUS split screen without the split screen.

-Ladies and gentlemen, an NBA player who cheated on his wife!

-Medieval flay-your-wii2.0 around.  More accurate and responsive than the Kinect though.

-I'm old school, I like my inventory system.

-Can no one speak for this conference?  Holy crap more stutters than a studebaker in quicksand.

-Also, do you always need to use numbers?

-Yay Sly Cooper!

(... more when d20 Saphirre won't fall asleep on the presentation.  Which after a couple tries, seems to be never.)

-Video feed of your handheld is not suggested

- So it is called Vita... I would prefer vitae.

-TOO MANY TOUCHSCREENS.  I personally am too clumsy for that.

-You sure you want to marry anything to the Playstation Network?  She seems a fickle bride.

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