August 16, 2011

Only seems like a good idea

I recently watch Adam Ostrow's Ted Talk about death and social networking.  He brings up so pretty interesting points, about the continuation of existence online through social network after death.  And then he got to the end of his talk, and I got scared.

Ostrow mentions that hopefully in the future we can take everything that someone put on the internet and recreate an image of them from all their output.  Basically, say if I were to go tomorrow to the big MMO in the sky, you could take all my blog posts and twitter feeds and forum posts to compile a virtual version of my personality, where I could exist on after death.

Sure, for people who are like me and have blog posts that actually reflect your personality, that's fine.  But there are some people who are going to be remembered quite differently.  Do you think everyone wants their family and friends to remember them as the raiding elf lord in their favorite RPG?  Or what if you secretly checked out fetish sites?  Great, now your image to everyone you knew after life involves you licking feet every five seconds.

Ostrow's idea is not the worst in the world, but it does make me think of what the hilarious results would be.

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