August 26, 2011

Warning: Fiction will appear

Because of my promise, the day I get my netbook set up I already have my first fiction post ready.  I'm just going to start writing about Titania, hoping to get two posts up a week.

You'll be reading the posts from Virginia, an unwilling debutant living in a world where it's about who you know and how you breed.  She's leaving everything she's ever known in hopes of pleasing her family with a suitable husband on one of the most elite planets colonized.  Will she let herself be pursued, or will she try to strive for something more?

Sure, it doesn't sound like a standard scifi story, but I don't want to reveal everything now, do I?

It's not going to be super refined, it's going to be raw writing.  I don't have an editor.  It's going to be an experiment of sorts.

To be honest, readers, this week has stunk.  My car needs repairs, auto shops have been bogus, and then yesterday I twisted my ankle at work.  I'm hoping to get some normality in this chaos, and writing has always been with me.  The netbook is almost on its way (and thankfully my mother was able to make it an early birthday present) so it's time to get back to the real job.  And I hope you guys like it.

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