February 20, 2009

How to make Eye of Argon readable

If you ever want to read a horrible story in a hilarious fashion, I suggest you do the Eye of Argon game, which happens at least once a year at my school.

Step One
Print out all of this horrible story by Jim Theis.

Step Two
Get a group of friends/people you can tolerate for a couple of hours.  

Step Three
Take the story and print out two copies.  

Step Four
Sit in a circle and have one person reading the story, while the person to the left of them checking their reading with the second copy of the story.  If the reader
*Pronounces a word or sentence differently than it appears on the page (aka misspelled words are sounded the way they look)
*Get through a page of text "perfectly" (called a newscaster)
He pass on the story to the right, and the checker passes her story to the right too.  

Step Five
Continue like this until the story has ended and you have laughed so much your belly hurts.

Make it a drinking game!


  1. Holy shit, I heard about this book and was looking for a free online edition and you have answered my prayers!

  2. Oh my! That really is awful. Sounds like good fun. :-)