February 1, 2009

An Update on Bob: Huge Ego, Little Logic

Remember Bob?  That guy who was trying to get published by protesting to Nintendo instead of building up his business?  Well I figured I would take a gander at his site and see what happened since I last posted about him.

I get the sense that he's at it again, protesting Nintendo for not glorifying his crappy game. His crappy website doesn't quite make what he's doing clear, considering it's got all this stuff about aliens attacking him and such.  That's right, on the website for his one-man business, he's got a story going on about how aliens attacked him and his attempt to contact them.  Excuse me?

On top of that, this site isn't user friendly.  If you're going to have a website advertising your product, learn some HTML and put information on separate pages.  I'm tired of having to scroll down to berate this guy.

Oh, there's more.  I wish not, but there is.  Bob went to the Nintendo World Store in NYC and proceeded to advertise his unofficial game by handing out cards, dropping them all over the floor, putting up posters on the walls inside and out, and putting empty game cases for his game up on the shelves.  After all that he bought a DS and then played his game on it in the store.  It's all on video here.  I would've embedded it but I decided not to put that kind of disgusting business conduct up on my blog.  I just need to cite my references like a good college student.

Bob keeps on trying to make a point, and I don't think he's sending out the message he thinks he is in his spiked hair, big boots and huge ego.  Bob thinks he's showing the world he's not letting Nintendo stomp on his dream.  What he's actually showing the world is that he's a tool.  A illogical, unsympathetic tool.  I mean, a lot of young guys go through a stage like that.  It's fine.  But don't inflict on a poor guy who's doing a retail stint at a high profile store in the middle of Manhattan thinking he's going to lose his job if you don't get the hell out of his store.  You're not pissing off Miyamoto or Reggie at that point.  You're pissing off the dude who has serious bills to pay and doesn't want to lose his job because some jerk and his groupies decided to raise some hell.  Having worked retail before, I feel a lot more for that manager who called the cops than spoiled Bob.

Bob acts like Nintendo set the rules here and if he breaks them he's going to be the shit.  Well, the rules of business have been established for a long time, longer than Nintendo, and I don't think anyone can consistently break them and be successful.  That is why Bob is not getting Nintendo to publish his game.

It looks like the game will come out on platforms like the iPhone, which is great because I think it is better for that format than the DS in the first place considering what little Bob is doing for the game's control scheme to make it interesting.  When it comes out, I want to hear what people think of it.  I really do.

Once again, good luck Bob.  Just stop being such a dick about the whole thing.

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  1. Bob seems to need professional help. I hope he gets it. Soon.