February 14, 2009

Museums: Great for Dates

Happy Valentine's Day readers!

I just want to quickly vouch for museums being a great date space.  Now I'm not talking about tiny museums that are run by a small staff, but big ones with multiple exhibits and hallways full of displays.  As a kid in Chicago, I was raised on going to either the Museum of Science and Industry, the Field Museum, the Art Institute of Chicago, the Shedd Aquarium, the Alder Planetarium, or the always free Lincoln Park Zoo.  It turns out that these places are great as adults to go on dates.  Unlike a movie, you can talk while you're enjoying the experience.  Unlike a park, you have a lot of instant conversation starters around you, and more to talk about when you get to dinner.  And who wouldn't want to share their first kiss in front of a T-Rex?

That's mother-fuckin' romantic, I tell ya.

Imagine holding hands excitedly at the IMAX feature about space collisions.  Isn't that awesome? Or doing the silly interactive stuff for the kids together.  Looking at all the little baby chicks as you see how life works, and wanting to squeeze the little yellow puff balls.  Watching the hourly dolphin show on the uncomfortable bench and your guy finally puts his arm around you while they demonstrate how high those bottle-noses jump.  Now the Chicago museums were my examples, but there are tons of great places to go all over the country, especially if you're fortunate enough to live near a big city.  Museums are just waiting to be your next date destination.

Now if you're super nerd like me, you need something with more pizzazz since you go to museums all the time.  The Detroit Science Center is opening Star Trek: The Exhibition today.  It's full of replicas and props and tons of other really neat stuff.  If you look at the picture you can even see they got their whole staff into it too!  And if you're looking for something even more romantic, it turns out the Science Center will also rent out the space for marriages.  That's right, propose while you're with the away team, get married on the bridge.  It's a trekkie girl's dream come true!

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