October 14, 2009

Alright, another game I need to get.

Ever since my brother stopped caring about his xbox 360 I've been a little deprived of games I want to play.  I don't have a lot of money for new games and the games that m brother has are now... well unplayable.  But my list of games that I want to play keeps rising, especially when something is as well done as Brutal Legend.

Here's a review that got me thinking of it, although I've been spying on it for a while now.

Brutal Legend does a lot of things good when it comes to video games. First of all, it has a great unique setting. Sci-fi and high fantasy have been used a LOT in video games, and in each there are ones that dominate that market. There are a lot of games that try to work in these niches, and end up failing because the concept could never compare to what's already out there. Isn't it better to make your own niche?

What the team for Brutal Legend did is take an idea (heavy metal world) and take is as far as they can go. And if you look at the review, you can see they did so much with that idea.

But a great concept for a world is not enough. You also need a unique game play experience. And it looks like they did that, interlacing the concept of kicking serious @$$ with real time strategy. I love to micro-mange and I love punching things in the face! It's perfect for me!

And finally, there's humor. There are not a lot of humorous games done well. There are a lot of epic stories, and that's understandable when your market is a bunch of people practicing escapism. But a video game that gives me a good laugh is not as available as I'd like it to be. A lot of them dont' end up rating too well. The last one I remember playing is South Park: The Game, and even it wasn't the best game in the world or that funny if you didn't know the series.

So for all those reasons, I'm adding Brutal Legend to the list of games I need to get. I'll have to put that list up for you guys sometime so we can all compare.

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  1. brutal legend is one of those games on my list that sadly got pushed to the back of my mind in the uncharted 2 shuffle. i'll play it eventually :P