October 9, 2009

Costume Idea

It's really easy to have a boring costume for Halloween.  And as a nerd I have to think of something super awesome.  There are certain costumes I've would've liked to do, but so far the most fun costume I've done was based on a song.  I was the character Crossed Eyed Mary from the Jethro Tull song.  Although only one out of thirty people actually got it after a while, it was awesome.  I was with someone that was dressed up as Aqualung, so it worked even better that way.

This year I'm doing it solo, and I have to work on Halloween before I go out and party.  So it has to be safe, but I want it to be from a song.  And I think I got it, it'll obviously be a costume but at the same time it'll be appropriate in some way.

I'm going as the chick described in the song Camarillo Brillo.  Other than the rancid poncho, the description in the chorus gives me everything I need.

She had a snake for a pet
And an amulet
And she was breeding a dwarf
But she wasn't done yet
She had a grey green skin
A doll with a pin
I told her she was alright
But I couldn't come in
(I just couldn't come in right then...)

So does anyone know where to get a rancid poncho in Chicago?  Or how to get grey green skin?

If you want to see the get up on Halloween, come see Theatre of Souls on October 31st at my job.  Email me for info.

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