October 4, 2009

Hex Hex Next: Play It!

In college I was introduced to a lot of board and card games, a lot of them being even better with the addition of alcohol.  Not that I was a heavy drinker in college, but when you're with the right company Settlers of Catan while enjoying some Chianti (or more likely a Gin and Tonic) is actually a great evening.

One of my favorites was Hex Hex.  The premise of the game is that your in a circle of friends trying to back stab each other so you don't have a hex go off on you.  You can change the hex, pass it around, even double it in opposite directions.  It's easy to pick up as long as you read the cards and know how many hexes are being played around the table.

I had wanted to play it with friends in Chicago for a while but hadn't had a chance to until I found the sequel/expansion at GamePlus.

Hex Hex Next is essentially the same game but with a change in some of the cards.  You have new types of hexes, new types of cards and the same premise.  Last night I finally cracked it open for 6 players (which is the suggested max) to see how it went.

After the learning bit for most people (well myself included because there were new cards) it went very well.  It was still friendly while we targeted people for hexes and certain people became temporary enemies, targeting each other.  It sounds a lot more vicious than it was.  There is also a lot of hilarity that happens due to the nature of the cards, despite the cards not being particularly hilarious.  All in all, great game to play with friends that is relatively easy to pick up.

I would like to see how it mixes with a Hex Hex deck, but then that's a game with over 200 cards.  I'm actually almost afraid to see how many times a hex could be duplicated if the right cards were out.

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  1. This game is hilariously awesome ... I love making the rule that everyone has to put their forehead on the table ... people get so pissed off.