April 13, 2011

DnD Recap: New Additions

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The PCs decided to stay in the superbly urban Ouestpolis to find Jareth, having to leave Roto behind across seas to pursue other growingly important life pursuits.

Atreyu did some reconnaissance to find a place where Jareth was known to hang out.  Instead, Escrow found an old (and strange looking bat-like) druid friend of his named Pippy, who was travelling with Oakland Bash, cleric of many missions. Escrow invited them along, though the urgings of Atreyu and Bram prevented them from revealing their true reasons as to why to seek out Jareth.  Pippy had seen Jareth the other day in another inn, and the PCs head over there.  Indeed Jareth was there, and he was joined by two bodyguards, who didn't seem to be natural creatures.  After observing him for a while, Atreyu approached him and with a little help from Bram, learned a little bit about who may have bought young Teleport Mavericks for nefarious reasons.  The team was sent on the trail of a coin.

A particularly thin coin of Vidrigan origin was found in a shop where Jareth restrung his ukelele, that was originally from a brown haired gentleman.  The druids did scrying to find that the man was someone who was talking to a notable man in Vidrigan politics.  The team decided it was best to not follow the man and start acts of war.

Instead, they headed back to the capital, where Pippy and Oakland were introduced to Queen Elish before being excused while the other three shared their findings.  They were dismissed and after a couple hours the group was about to meet up where Atreyu was enjoying his house arrest on the Hughes estate when there was an attack in the front of the castle.  More undead with long arms, talking and preaching, before the team, old and new, defeated them.

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