April 16, 2011

Things for the New Place

Some of you who follow my twitter (@d20sapphire) may have noticed I now have my own place!  I'm excited to say I can now afford to move out on my own and into my own apartment, and I even have money saved up to buy furniture!   The next step is to make sure that the digs are to make sure it's respectably geeky.

Think Geek has some great stuff that I know I'm going to get.  Most of it is for the kitchen:

Nice little details here and there.  The next thing is something I promised I would hang up in my next place merely because it is such an awesome poster:

By LegendaryTigerHero on Etsy

I would love to have a bunch of refined art up, but I feel that this represents my personality more than some of the fine art available.

Coming up in the the next Nerd Couple podcast I'll talk about the debate I had with myself about how far to go, but these things will definitely be gracing my new home.

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