April 1, 2011

Happy April First

In the central time zone the April Fool's day jokes are almost over.  I wasn't feeling super creative today, but I figured I would at least give you a link to this old gag.  It's an old one I know some of you are tired of, but it's still a favorite of mine.

In somewhat the same vain, I can't wait to post up some music from my brother, EsTeeKay, when he does some video game remixes I've prompted him to do.  If you want a sample of some of his likes and work, his facebook page for him and his company is here.  Enjoy!

1 comment:

  1. If you don't blog up some april's fool joke, does that count as one since you are basically doing a fake out?

    great blog.

    Lazarus Lupin
    art and review