July 31, 2011


I'm not saying this as an excuse, but more as a fact.  Work has sucked so hard recently, it's made me ill.  My job shouldn't be that hard.  So instead of doing the things I usually do outside of work to keep sane, I've been playing the Sims.  Kind of obessively.

But it's really for the same reason a lot of us play video games.  It's an escape.  It's a world where everything is perfect.  Where heros win and villans die.  Where the goal is crystal clear and known to be achievable.  Where every triumph is recognized.

Sometimes when life sucks, you need that if only for a couple hours a day.

I want to apologize for not writing as much.  I've been escaping this ridiculous job I've been in (coworkers and I feel like we've been caught up in a soap opera) with a world where people's live are successful and easy with the click of a button.  And even that's not always true with the Generations expansion pack, but still, it's easier than this.

Also, when you're brain is swiss cheese at the end of the day, what do you write?  I don't want to become a "look at this cool video" blog, so I just wait until I have something I can write when I'm not going to mentally melt away.  Though I am in generally in support of cool video on the internet.

I'm going to try and fight through this barrage of extreme situations at work and give you guys more to read.  Just, thanks for your patience.  And thank god for video games, books, well-written tv and friends.  They make life easier.


  1. I thought you loved your job? What happened?

  2. I still love the job itself. It's the management.

  3. Try to keep your spirits up, drink lots of water, get some exercise and firebomb the bosses car when he isn't looking. It will make you feel better.