July 5, 2011

The Nerd Couple, Episode Six

Did you miss us?  Sorry we're late!  Real world is working against us!

Every other week, hear the discussions of The Nerd Couple, starring d20 Sapphire and Mystic.  They discuss geeky news and topics, and approach it from our unique nerd upbringings.

This week: When not worried about butter sticks, the Nerd Couple has video games on the brain.  We discuss how race is depicted in video game characters and how sometimes we're disappointed with it. Awesome: Video Games qualify for First Amendment Protection!  Not so awesome: Fans of Star Wars Galaxies sues Sony for petition nonsense.  Biweekly B.S.: Operation Rainfall gets dissed by Nintendo.

Special thanks to EsTeeKay of Binary Protege Productions for supplying the intro music, and for promising us video game remixes in the future. 

Also thanks to John Morgan for making the song at the end of our podcast, Happiness, which many have heard from the the Mass Effect 2 soundtrack.  Once again, I can't find a site for John Morgan, so if you have a link let me know so we can spread the awesome!

Have you read Mystic's blog yet?

Email d20sapphire@gmail.com for topic suggestions and feedback!  The Nerd Couple would love to hear from you.

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