January 14, 2009

Back to School

Tomorrow I fly to the east coast to finish my final semester at college.  It's going to be busy and I'm going to stress out about putting a pool on a stage (long story) and finishing school.  

The nerdiness will continue though!  I'm finishing the last chapters of my Dungeons and Dragons campaign as well as possibly being dragged into some other games my friends are running.  There will be less video games and more RPGs essentially.  And more dice.  And less of the trashy reality television that has been shrinking the size of brain.  God, I don't understand why I find it so entertaining.  It probably speaks horrible of me that I watch this instead of reading the Asimov that's on the bookshelf next to the television.  More on that another day though.

Again, if you guys ever get an idea to talk about, leave a comment or email me at d20sapphire@gmail.com.  See you all when I'm in another state!

-d20 Sapphire

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