January 22, 2009

Games making fun of Blagojevich

Admist all the joy of Chicago's Obama becoming President of the United States, we can't forget the horrible politicians that have almost tarnished his image.  I'm thinking of Illinois' own Rod Blagojevich (pronounced blah-GOY-AH-vitch) who proved that although the mob is gone, corruption unfortunately still exists in Chicago.  The man is a total dick and we shouldn't forget it.

To commemorate the douchiest douche that ever douched in Illinois politics, Headline Games made two casual games that I suggest you check out when you're bored on the job or just in the mood for something simple to play.  Both of them poke fun at the scandal.  First there is Red Tape Breakout, a version of breakout where you are Attorney General Lisa Madigan trying to serve Blagojevich his papers admist a ton of red tape.  Fun, but I found it kind of possible.  It may be because I didn't use a mouse and instead I used a touchpad, but the papers come at you fast and I'm not a very coordinated individual. 

I prefer Blago Run, which is a frogger type game where you are vying for a senate seat.  To get it, you first have to get a dimplomat application or 5 money bags to get the seat open.  Then you go over to the now opened senate seat, which you literally steal from Burris.  Sweet!  You start off as Jessie Jackson Jr. and go through all the named senate seat seekers, with 3 being unknown and looking like they jumped out of an iPod commercial.  It's still fun, once you actually read the directions unlike I did the first time.  I would suggest this one more.

I may be ashamed that I com from a state where a governor thinks he could get away with selling a senate seat, but you got to laugh at how absurd the situation is, and these games are great for that.


  1. I am actually a reporter in Central Illinois and I spent half a year in Springfield last year reporting. I've met Blagojevich, and I'm said to say, his portrayal in the media is about as accurate as it gets. He's been a bad, do-nothing governor even before all of this trouble with Obama's seat, and he was corrupt from the minute he got into office.

    Since the head of his legal defense just stepped down out of frustration and he's up for impeachment, I'm hopeful Illinois will be rid of him soon.

  2. That is sad to hear. I remember people being excited to put him in office and everything. Too bad it was all a big sham.

  3. I am hopeful it gets other people to pay attention to their state news. We're not doing so hot right now. People shouldn't be blamed for being excited about trying to put him in office - he was good at making grand gestures, it's just that unfortunately he ultimately had nothing behind them, like he wanted the hype but not to actually accomplish anything.

    Well... I don't want to jinx it by saying we can't do much worse, so I won't :-)