August 26, 2009

... and then I quit. But there's an exciting announcement!

I quit that job after realizing what I was doing for that job...

I essentially look through a phone book and hope to find people willing to talk to me about the company's services in the hopes of getting an appointment.

And since it was 100% commission sales, I wasn't getting paid for any of the time I was looking. Not getting paid for any outside research. In fact there was no suggestion whatsoever for outside research, which I think was kind of bad on the company's part. They didn't really help their workers get an edge.

I'm now in the job market again. I've cut what little losses I have with that job and I'm back in full force looking for something amazing. This will also give me time to figure out what my new blog is going to be.

What new blog?

Well my fellow readers, I think I'm ready for some friendly investigative journalism of the nerdy kind. I will announce my new project...

September 1st, 2009

Until then you get to quake in your boots to guess what it's about.

Now back to square one.  Le sigh.


  1. I can't blame you for backing out of that job. It's not really much of a job in the first place.

    And now you've got me curious ...

  2. Hooray for piqued curiosity! It's like a good ad campaign.