August 15, 2009

Twilight is bad for your relationship!

I am a bit of a Twilight hater.  Not to the point where I think anyone who likes the series is an idiot or lacks brain cells, but more because I can't get past a lot of the flaws in the series.  One flaw is how the relationships work in the series, but I can only attest to how people who read it described it to me.  So for this post, I'm not going to rag on how ridiculousness the Bella-Edward relationship is in the series. 

This article will, though, since that woman has read the book, thus saving me from my eyes bleeding.  Because they would bleed, readers.  Oh they would bleed.

From what I've heard and read and even seen in the movie (though I drank to enjoy that movie) the relationship between Bella and Edward is abusive.  How Edward stalks her tells her what to do and say is very reminiscent of those Lifetime movies I try to avoid where the woman is being abused.  To think that a ton of adolescent girls think this is what romance is supposed to be like sickens me.  Let's raise our little girls to be weak and feeble and depend on men for everything!  And let's raise these girls to want a man who will be overly protective and will have to know everything they do and say!  Perfect plan!

I'm not saying that one book will cause a whole generation of girls to be like this.  It's just a little messed up in my opinion.

Also, I'm extremely biased towards anything that's supposed to be sparkly and menacing.  It's a formula that doesn't work for me.

From the deviant art page of blastedgoose.

P.S. Did you notice this is my 100th post? I almost didn't!  Hooray for 20 Sided Woman!


  1. Congrats on the 100th post!

    I have avoided all that Twilight crap like the plague that it is too. Sounds like it's even crappier than I thought.

  2. um, did i tell you that i'd caved in and read the first 2 books?

    they ARE that bad.

    i mean, if it were just "here are some vampires, and their culture and society and shit" that would be okay. a bit irritating with the whole "i spit on established vampire conventions," but tolerable.

    this woman hits on every thing that is wrong with the book. how can you write a romance novel where the hero and heroine are completely unlikable!?

    also, here's something i learned-- they're making twilight into a manga. does that not strike you as appropriate? i think even its crappiness would be acceptable in manga form. something about it makes sense, you know?

  3. Alright I got to stand up for Manga here, because when I was younger I read a good amount of it and to be perfectly honest, a bad story makes for an even worse manga. There are actually excellent literary manga out there it's just that it's not as readily available in America because the main market here is preteens. So making Twilight into an american manga makes good business sense.

    But there are FANTASTIC manga out there with great stories and great art, and that actually make you think. Not a lot of that gets imported, but it is out there and it's a great read just like a good book. So although I'm sure the Twilight manga will sell, I think it will suck just as much as you say it does, except this time the vampires are sparkling with GIGANTIC ANIME PEOPLE EYES!

  4. nooonono i'm not saying that all manga is juvenile or anything! i KNOW there's good literary manga! i'm just saying that i can accept sparkly things when they are in manga form.

  5. Okay, sorry I misunderstood that then. Manga do lend themselves to sparkly.

  6. Great post. It makes me wonder if perhaps Stephenie Meyers husband treats her like Edward treats Bella. If so, it could be that she's trying to make the relationship covetable.