August 5, 2009

Focus group in a week!

While I sit here sniffling the cold I starting right now, and applying for jobs left and right, I am looking forward to some time next week where I will take place in a focus group!

It's not any kind of focus group, but it's something that involves video games.  Squee!  For all I know I'm trying some new game out.  

Of course when I get there and test it out I'm sure I will have to sign some non-disclosure agreement.  So no ranting and raving about it on the blog.  However I will let you know how I feel about the experience.  Not that professing my feelings about something I can't describe will let you know what's actually going on in that focus group, but hey, it's something to talk about right?


Still working on getting a post together about my sims 3 adventures.  Have to ask the Boyfriend how to access the pictures I took in game so far.  And since I'm all sick and tired, I think after some more job searching I will play it some more.  

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