May 18, 2010

D.C. Douglas is a voice actor and... a political activist?

For those of you who don't know who D.C. Douglas is, he is mostly known for his voice on the Geico commercials ("15 minutes could save you...", not the Gecko). He's also the voice of Legion in ME2. For those of you who know which character that is, you're probably not surprised that you can't tell it's the same guy.

Recently Mr. Douglas in in some trouble with a prank against the group FreedomWorks, the absurdity of the situation can be explained in the first half of this Daily Show clip.

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Well D.C. decided he wasn't going to take this standing down. I'm posting his response, which I find humorous. The guy lost his job at Geico over this, which may seem a little extreme but then again I can understand why a business that big would do it. Let's hope he gets a good paying gig sometime soon, since he does have a pretty awesome voice.

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