May 31, 2010

Two Player Platforming is Fun!

Yesterday The Boyfriend and I decided to test out the two player mode in Super Mario Galaxy 2.  Since he is adept at platforming and I am not, I was the "assist" when it came to the game.  Didn't think it was going to be super useful when you're essentially playing on of these guys:

Doesn't look too impressive does he?

Mario is the actual star of this story, so a little Luma isn't going to be able to do much, right?


The player 2 Luma is probably the most helpful dude ever.  As that guy I got to stun most enemies and kill half of them, collect those little star bits, and bring coins/1-ups to Mario.  Half of the stuff that's hard due to timing is no longer difficult because this little dude can stop it. None of the videos I can find really show how useful player 2 is, including the trailer.  I can stop chomps and the dreaded bullet dudes, and I can kill half of the enemies.  If you have a player who knows exactly what you're doing it makes it a lot easier.  I essentially provide half of the coins and star bits, on top of killing 75% of the enemies.  As I told The Boyfriend, it's like I'm sniping a clear path for him.

If I find a way to show how "broken" this can be with a video, I will.  I don't think I will be able to anytime soon but if I do, I'll have to share.  It just makes the game so much easier for player 1!  And considering I love playing games that involve destroying enemies, this is perfect for me.

Hooray!  A two player videogame that actually works!

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