May 14, 2010

I Am A Mass Effect Fangirl, And It Shows

I never posted about how awesome Mass Effect, and it's successor ME2, are basically some great RPG shooters that you could replay over and over again and have different results.  I'm not super obsessed.  I have no crushes on any quarians or turians.  You want to see how far that can go?  The bioware forums have some interesting talimancer threads from what I've checked out.

I don't feel the need to analyze the game, because there are so many ways it can go and I've only played ME2 twice.  But I do think there are a lot of humorous images and videos for Mass Effect out there that are not getting enough love.


First, who didn't get bored with mineral mining?

Did you know Shepard almost always has a right hook options for when he/she is in a conversation?

Did you know CSI is doing a cross over for the Mass Effect Universe?

So I'm sure if you played Mass Effect 1, you know that Shepard can be such a jerk.

But did you know he's still a jerk in ME2?

Of course, in Mass Effect 2, we have change we can believe in.

I'm about ready to call it a day.  Anyone up for Skyllian Five Poker?

There's more I can post, but I can see I have "fangasmed" enough for today.  Basically I like Mass Effect a lot.  On the border of too much.

I did say on the border.  I ain't no talimancer, yo.

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  1. My Shep was never a jerk, but then again that is the beauty of the games, you can keep replaying them and keep getting different stories just based on your own choices. The depth is amazing.

    Also, that CSI:Miami homage needed to have some better editing after the YEAAAAAH with more appropriate characters and maybe with some credits from the VAs (but that's just me).