September 9, 2010

I tried Kinect!

I am spreading the good word!  Or Microsoft's word... ha!  I accidentally made a pun!  *Ahem* continuing...

I discovered the Downtown Chicago pedway today thanks to my dad.  It's a fascinating system when you think about it.  Anyway, while travelling through the pedway I made my way to Macy's and found something magical...

A place where I could try Microsoft's new Kinect!  It was set up and I had to call the Boyfriend because I didn't believe it!

I had an hour before work so I tried it.  And guess what?  It works!

I played the title Kinect Adventures, and I just hit a ton of balls bouncing around.  It's definitely real exercise, so be prepared to not sit on the couch while you play.  Also, it'll take a while to figure out how good the reaction time is, but the system is accurate other than that.  It was funny to see what it did when I decided to scratch my head.

There was even a lady there to help sell the product answer questions and get you used to the system.  You have to be willing to exert energy though.  Some guys, who could've been your stereotypical FPS shooter dudes, missed out on a lot of points because they were unwilling to actually MOVE and INTERACT with the system.  The pictures they take at the end, lame!  At least I looked like I was trying when I played it, and I did decent for someone who hadn't done it before.

Also, I was wearing black clothing and it registers my torso fine.  There was no couch in front of it though, so we'll see if can register you just sitting on your couch at your home.

All in all, promising, but I think the hardcore gamers are still going to bitch.

Do you want to try it out?  Well, you can!  There are probably try out areas across the country, but I know about the one that is going to be in Chicago.

Macy's On State Street
(Old Marshal Fields and Co. Building)
Thursdays through Saturdays 
Noon to 8pm
Noon to 6pm

Only until September 30th.

Why am I essentially helping Microsoft with their ad campaign?  Because I think if you're going to talk about a product, and it's available to try out, you should!  I think I shall take a look at it again next week too if possible.    :D


  1. Lazy gamers always bitch... the only thing is while the Wii allows you to play standing up everyone usually just ends up sitting back flicking their wrist in the various directions. If this can't be done with Kinect their might be a diskinect with some of the Wii user-base they are trying to attract.

  2. I totally agree, Anonymous Commenter. I think people like having the ability to stand or sit when they're playing their games. I think the idea that you have to stand up while using your video game the entire time, a good number of people are not going to use it, let alone buy it.

    I heard, at least during E3, that you couldn't sit down while using the Kinect because it read the couch as part of your body. Even when you're merely surfing through the netflix and music options. That is a serious problem I hope they would fix.