September 28, 2010

Recap, Session 5: Please Visit My Adversary

Sorry it's taken so long!  Yesterday was my birthday (I'm officially 24 year old--woot!) and Sunday was crazy since I had to bake some mac and cheese.  So I finally can post this recap.

You should know the drill by now.  Anything pertaining to the original world I created, including fictional characters and countries:

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The Cornwellian Kingdom was experiencing a first, the coronation of a Queen to the throne, when the ceremonial procession was attacked by a large, long armed undead that none of the PCs had seen before.  It took them a long time to finally keep it dead.  The Queen and her procesion party were all rushed into the castle quickly.  The PCs did some investigation, including Bram making sure the body of the creature was researched by the local magic university.  Dreamatar had his sister work on a Legend Lore spell.  Atreyu and Dreamatar made sure the Queen knew they were still in her service.  The PCs stayed in the castle for a while to make sure the nobles were fine, some making conversation here and there, including Roto with the Queen's sister Faoiltiarna.  The people of the capital seemed disturbed, but did not revolt in any way violent.  The Queen gave a speech to calm them down.

The next day proved to be quiet for the PCs.  They checked up on their own affairs, and some viewed the execution of the minotaur that was left from the crypt raid.  There was some talk about where to proceed next with the crypt investigation, but many were happy to have a day of rest to themselves for once.

Next morning made the vacation short.  Queen Elish told the party that the Vidrigez Kingdom have found out about the services they were providing to the Cornwellian Kingdom, and wished them to help with something at Vidrigez.  The PCs agreed, although some were hesitant.  When they went over Atreyu made sure all the PCs knew how to act and speak in front of King Aust, a man with ram's horns and coal black eyes.  Although leaving in the morning, due to the time difference King Aust greeted the PCs in the evening, and told them in confidence about how his youngest brother, Aeriche, went missing.  A prince known to pretend to be the common folk during the evening, he hadn't been seen during his excursion a couple night ago, and King Aust decided to search for him.  The PCs were asked to investigate and find him, but were invited to a dinner celebrating the middle of the winter season the next night.  All the PCs except Bram had dinner with the King and his family their first night in.

The next day the PCs investigated around town.  Atreyu visited his family to see if they had any news.  Bram checked around the castle, Roto checked around town in general, and Escrow had some success checking out the taverns.  He heard that a man with a bushy beard and deep set eyes was last seen with a man that looked like Aeriche, a human.  Considering the capital of Vidrigez is 95% half-elf, this man stuck out like a sore thumb.  The witness was questioned several times over, and the PCs tried to figure out what the next step was.

That evening the grand festivities to celebrate the middle of winter happened.  Arteyu spent some more time with his family, and was luckily not embarrassed by his party members.  Dreamatar learned how to do some of the local dances, and Bram talked with some of the significant individuals of the party.

The PCs decided that next morning, they would investigate the town that is straight north of the capital.


There was a lot of RPing going on that I don't think I remembered, or at least remembered all of it.  Session went late since we didn't have a time constraint, and it was pretty fun with some good hang out breaks in there.  If you guys int he campaign have anything you'd like to add in the comments, totally feel free!

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