September 13, 2010

Recap, Session 4: Change is in the Heir

I've been using puns a lot.  Cake Wrecks is proving to be a bad influence.  Or a good one, depending on who you are.

Once again, pertaining to the characters and world I personally created:

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The players continued their investigation into the destruction of the royal tombs, and had gained some rest after that long day of questioning and investigation.  The next day Escrow found himself doubled over in stomach pains, unable to join the rest of the party as they went around town searching.  There was more questioning of the minotaur, and research into the Teleport Maverick system and seeing who could do the right amount of teleportation skills.  Before midday, they were called in by Councilman Hughes and asked to help assist an announcement made by Princess Elish.  Bram acted as a bodyguard of hers, letting the gleem of his skin show as she spoke.  The rest of the party stayed on the ground, monitoring the reaction of the crowd to the announcement.

Princess Elish let the public know that the issue of an heir to the Cornwellian throne had been resolved.  The crowd celebrated.  Many went to the local inns and taverns, others went to the streets.  There was music and singing and dancing.  A couple of the PCs decided to observe this in multiple areas.  Roto was suspicious of the situation and asked Councilman Hughes about the situation, but was assured that the situation was not related to the previous incident at the tombs.  Dreamatar and Atreyu appreciated a late night with some common folk, Bram enjoyed the festivities on the streets, and Roto began to investigate ways to locate the King.

After a late morning the PCs returned to Hughes' office for another investigation: signs posted all over town merely asking "Where is the king?"  After Dreamatar annoyed Hughes by demanding to see the King, and being repeatedly reminded that he was indisposed at the moment, the PCs proceeded to do their own research.  Roto spoke with a calligrapher, Atreyu tried to get word off the street, and Bram decided to research the whole heir situation since he was not familiar with the fascination.  Roto discovered that the job had been done by someone with little to no experience, and possibly not even part of the calligrapher guild.  Bram figured out that the heir had to bear the last name Cornwell of the royal family, and had to be of male descent.  Such had been the way for 300 years.  Bram also talked to the minotaur again, and with his natural (psionic) skills of persuasion, was able to gain a better rapport, even if he didn't get much more information.

That evening, Dreamatar and Atreyu staked out an area of town not covered in signs yet, and caught up with a small boy posting signs.  He admitted he got paid to and described the man who gave him the money and signs, before running off a little frightened.  The next day, the party went to the Teleport Maverick Academy and quite easily obtained the names of Teleport Mavericks that could produce 4 teleports in one day.  They also went to the make-shift temple of Olidammara, where they enjoyed spirits as the cleric there performed a divination for them.  Then, that evening while at the Hughes' guest house, Danacia informed them that King Franklin had died that evening, and his burial will be the next morning, followed by the crowning of his heir.  Councilman Hughes asked that they will guard the casket and then the heir during the rite, and all the PCs agreed.

The next day, the PCs marched alongside the casket, with a grieving public around the procession.  When the casket went in to the tomb, the coronation ceremony inside revealed that Princess Elish was crowned as the new ruler of the Cornwellian Kingdom, and a shocked and confused citizenry had no time to react to the female heir as the guards forced them to bow.  Seeming that the grave danger had been avoided, those assurances had been cast aside as a tall, skeletal creature in black robes came towards the procesion, holding its long arms close to it's body.  The PCs readied to fight...


 Of course it was 20 minutes to when the library closed so combat will begin next game, possibly with the whole party together.  It was the smoothest game we had yet!  Woot!  We'll see what happens with this new Queen, and her first assassination attempt within minutes of ascending the throne.  And what about all that other stuff happening?  It's crazy really.

Enjoy the D&D tales.

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