July 26, 2009

The Beauty of Garage Sales.

The Boyfriend and are enjoying a nice weekend stay in central IL again, and yesterday morning he and a friend went out t the garage sales that seem to pop up everywhere down here during this time of the year.  And boy did he get a deal.

Get this: for 5 bucks the Boyfriend was able to purchase...

*an NES
* three NES games: Super Mario Bros/Duckhunt, Tecmo Bowl and Punch Out
*two NES controllers
*Duckhunt controller
*Sega Genesis
*two Genesis controllers 
*two Genesis games: NBA Jam and Urban Hunt

... all stuffed into one book bag.

As soon as he came back and showed, I proclaimed it was Christmas!  

Is he going to keep everything?  Probably not.  I do know I demand to play Punch Out at least once before it gets sent away if it does.

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